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What is Malicious?

Malicious is the hardest difficulty on JHT and is represented with a light grey background and a faded pentagram. This difficulty is even harder than Immeasurable. Currently, there is no determiner for this difficulty due to its ludicrous placement, so don't even think about building, or even worse, attempting a Malicious tower nonetheless.

Towers of this difficulty can get crazy, really quickly.

Towers in This Difficulty

Others (Unplaced)


  • This difficulty used to be represented with a light gray background with a red pentagram, but was changed in March, 2020.
    • This was likely because the icon was poorly made and looked awful.
    • Additionally, there was a version of Malicious between the original and the current one, which is just the current one but it looks pixelated.
    • The difficulty was finally outlined on March 22nd of 2024.
  • The background color of the difficulty is 192, 192, 192 and the pentagram is 161, 161, 161.